dear self, ily.

I get asked, "What made you get into boudoir?" more than enough times. Honestly, that is such a loaded question and I cannot find one way to answer it. How about I share with you my experience as a boudoir photographer in the past few years?

Whether you are at the stage of "finding yourself," learning to love yourself, getting married, hit a milestone with your personal health goal, or whatever it may be, celebrating with a boudoir session is beautiful in all aspects. These are images of you captured by someone who only sees you for you (no self-criticism, no judgement, no prejudice, nothing). The person behind the lenses finds everything about you stunningly beautiful. Hard to believe? Sure, because we are our worst critics but believe it. All of these things are true because I "AM" the person behind the lenses and I have witnessed so many beautiful women who start to believe in their own selves as well.

I truly love what I do.

I meet clients from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Most times, I do not know their story but that is not important. The most amazing thing is being trusted as your photographer to capture these sides of you that were always there.

session flow.

99.9% of clients come to their boudoir session and the first thing they tell me is, "I don't know what do do."

You do not have to do anything but take a deep breath and be prepared to swoon over your session!

I will guide you and direct you. I will also make sure your hair is in place and your outfit is laying flat. I will be your personal assistant, cheerleader, and more!

“Body confidence doesn't come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you've already got.”