I did a boudoir shoot with Luci 6 months after I had my baby. I was so nervous but I desperately needed something to help me feel more confident about my postpartum body and DAMN did luci deliver. Not only were the pictures breathtaking and I could hardly believe it was pictures of ME but the whole experience was so empowering and Luci made me feel so beautiful and amazing. By the end of the session I was feeling amazing about myself and by the time I got the pictures I was BEYOND excited to show my husband. I could not recommend her enough!


I never thought I could be so comfortable taking such vulnerable photos, but Luci showed me I was completely mistaken! She made the process so enjoyable and made me feel completely confident. Her space is gorgeous, and what she does with it--even more so. Her creative eye is incredible, and I love the photos!


Shooting with Luci was nothing short of amazing! She is sweet and comforting despite the typical nerves/anxiety associated with being half naked in front of a photographer! 🤣 She has phenomenal ideas/visions for her shoots and is SO positive with feedback! I love my photos and I will always reflect on how positive and encouraging this whole experience was. Thank you Luci, keep doing what you do because you were MEANT for this!


Luci is absolutely amazing to work with! She has a vision and makes you feel so comfortable as she brings it to life! When your shoot with her is like you’ve known her forever! I’ve never felt so confident in front of someone with minimal clothes lol absolutely amazing at what she does with the gallery to speak for itself! I was so moved how she captured my husband and I! Literal tears and goosebumps! Freaking genius at what she does I can’t say enough about her!


Shooting with Luci is amazing! She is so fun and makes you feel so comfortable! I’m always confident that she will get the perfect shot & she can make any space work for her vision. The end results of our sessions is ALWAYS a dream, she never disappoints. A session with Luci will boost your confidence!


AMAZING!! Luci is so kind and really makes you feel comfortable during the shoot. I loved every moment of it and cannot wait to do it again! Oh and my boyfriend loves the pics so I would say it was a success!!


Being someone who can be very shy, let alone be comfortable in lingerie, Luci made my whole experience so light and fun! She makes you feel so comfortable and makes you feel sexy! Luci is the perfect hype girl! She makes you feel amazing during your whole session and as she is editing your photos.


I’ve never get more comfortable in front of a camera than I do with Luci behind it! She knows exactly what she’s doing and knows how to make you feel like the camera isn’t there. She is fun, walks you through poses, and her confidence as a photographer makes you feel like you’ve been modeling for years. There isn’t a photo in any of the galleries I’ve received back that DIDNT make my jaw drop! I’m so grateful to have found her as a photographer & I promise you will be too


It was so empowering and was beyond comfortable! She made me feel like I was in a safe space with no judgement around. After my shoot I felt like a new woman! BEYOND AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I recommend her to everyone!


Luci is magic. LITERAL SUNSHINE. Working with her was a dream and I have a feeling I will be seeing her again. She brings her vision and passion and creates a safe place for a woman to be just that, a W O M A N. I look at my photos at least 10x a week and get a boost every time and it’s all Luci’s eye! Love love LOVE!!!!


Luci is hands down one of a kind. Professional, funny, kind, and your own personal cheerleader. I have never felt more comfortable and beautiful in front of a camera. I cannot put into words how special this shoot was. Not only will it be an amazing gift for Valentine’s, but it’s also such a gift for myself. Luci made me feel so comfortable and confident in my own skin. I would recommend Luci over and over again, she’s absolutely incredible!


My experience shooting with you is amazing because your so kind and patient. You know that boudoir is such an intimate moment to have with clients and you make people feel at ease and go out of your way to play music...which helps me to feel more comfortable while shooting with you. Look forward to more shoots with you. Yours truly.


Luci's upbeat and comforting attitude is contagious. She makes you feel so comfortable and natural in front of the camera! Her constant cheers and words of encouragement make you feel so beautiful. When I received my gallery after our couple's session, I was lost for words (in a good way!). The photos were so stunning and captured our love for one another perfectly. Book the session, you won't regret it.


my time with luci was nothing less then amazing. she makes you feel comfortable and at ease through the whole shoot. luci was incredibly quick with getting photos back. there is true perfection in her work. highly recommend!


From someone who has had a few different boudoir shoots, I will say Luci was absolutely my favorite! She makes you feel incredibly comfortable! Imagine shooting with someone who is your best friend... that’s what it feels like. I felt 100% confident and comfortable around her! Highly recommend Luci! You won’t regret it!