What is your turnaround?

4-6 weeks from your session date or otherwise discussed.

Will my gallery be only in black and white?

Even though, my emphasis is on black and white, your full gallery will have a combination of colored + black and white images.

Where is the studio?

I shoot at the following studios:
beloved studios (mesa, az)
serene studios (tempe, az)
the meadow (mesa, az)

What are your booking requirements?

signed contract and retainer. the retainer is dependent on the payment plan you've selected.

Am I able to do a payment plan?

I have three payment plans to choose from!

Boudoir album process and turnaround?

After receiving your gallery link, you will create a list of images you would like to use for the album. More details to follow but you will be able to pick the images you want for the album! The turnaround time 3 weeks before your "needed by date." I will reach out to you to schedule a pickup at Beloved Studios when it is ready.

Will you have recommendations for hair and makeup?

Yes! After booking, I will provide a list of recommended vendors (hair and makeup, wax, tan, and more). You will schedule these services directly with the vendor.

When should I schedule my maternity shoot?

Ideally between 28-32 weeks.

Can I request raw files/images?

Sorry, this is not something I can provide. No exceptions.


I like to keep the integrity of the woman's body. The woman you see in the images reflects your natural beauty and all that you are, I never want to change it. Scars, birthmarks, stretch marks, wrinkles, signs of aging, etc are part of what makes YOU you. You will learn to love them through this work.

DO'S / I will edit bruises and visible acne/breakouts.

DON'TS / I will not edit or even out tan lines, birth marks, scars, alter your physique/facial features.

Where can I see more of your work?

My private Instagram is @desertboudoiraz